Weight Loss Surgery Consultations

If you are thinking about, or have had, Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) and have questions or concerns I am here to help.

  • If you are considering WLS

  • If you have had WLS and are finding that you are slipping into old habits

  • If you are experiencing weight regain post surgery

  • If you don’t want WLS but you want to be healthy

I have worked with over 3,000 different stories and experiences related to WLS. While there are many similar experiences no two people will have the same story or outcome. The latter part of my thesis looked at what the factors were that influenced success post WLS and that’s how I help you. I bring all of the parts together - head, mind, physiology, into practical ways that allow you to enjoy your life.

If you are wanting to get the most from the life changing opportunity surgery gives you then get in touch with me for a consultation. Consultations are conducted either in person (I live in Auckland) or more commonly via Skype, Zoom or Face Time. A session lasts up to an hour and will cost $100 incl.