Kate Berridge


After spending the last 8 years as a Bariatric Nurse Specialist at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland Kate has come to understand obesity in a way that very few others do. Kate understands the body and it's complexities from a universal view; she knows the importance of the enduring link between mental and physical health. Her depth of knowledge and her own accomplishments; completing both the half and full Ironman competitions; meant Kate found her calling - helping people become the best they can be.

Bariatric surgery is a challenging procedure that tests patients at every step. Kate has walked alongside people as they rebuilt lives that obesity had eroded. She has heard hundreds of stories told of isolation, despair and shame. This experience coupled with over 6 years of postgraduate study on weight regain following bariatric surgery lead Kate to advocate a message about body positivity and self acceptance. Kate believes weight gain/obesity is a complex issue that cannot be answered with the pervading societal misunderstanding of "eat less and exercise more". 

Kate offers consultancy services to companies, corporations, health organisations and health care providers who are seeking to implement workplace programs and /or policies around obesity and wellness.

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