Clinical Nurse Specialist in Bariatrics RNcP MN (Hons)
Founder of Beyond Obesity

Kate has been a nurse for over 30 years. She is New Zealand’s most experienced in the specialty of Bariatrics (Weight Loss Surgery) having started in 2007 when Middlemore Hospital first began offering a Bariatric Service. In that time she has helped thousands of people with their weight loss journey.

In 2016 Kate left Middlemore Hospital and completed a Master’s degree which now forms a significant part of the framework for Beyond Obesity and the services her business offers.

As a result of the time in the hospital system and her research Kate has become an advocate of whole-person health. Her consults are built around each individual’s needs and are designed to enable a person to develop their own self care strategies so that they can lead the healthiest life that works for them.